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Borgo Nonino

Hanging between Modernity and Tradition


Have you ever made a stay overlooking stills?

Borgo Nonino, in the heart of the homonymous distillery, surrounded by vineyards, woods and aging cellars under seal, is a heavenly place suspended between modernity and tradition.

The building, partially protected by the Fine Arts Superintendence of Udine, dates back to the 18th century and consists of seven buildings previously used as dwellings and ancillary agricultural services. A conservative restoration has allowed the old house to preserve its original appearance, maintaining the characteristic features of the interiors.

The atrium, overlooking the garden, offers an immersive experience in the green. The colors and scents of nature invade it, allowing since the first entrance to tune into the relaxing rhythm of nature.

The ground floor offers small pearls of folk beauty. The common thread of the rooms is hidden in the details related to the territory and to the art of distillation, respecting its tradition and culture and giving new life to the house. Here, then, there are the fogolar (fireplaces), the collection of copper moulds, the lamps decorated with hand-embroidered linen fabrics, the ancient stills, and finally the master’s room.

Here light is the true protagonist. It enters pervasively through the large windows of the room and enhances the furniture; a skillful blend of furniture, contemporary vintage objects, and pieces of art. The beamed ceiling and the stone walls, original of the old farmhouse, stoically represent the history of the building, emphasizing its classic vocation.

On the upper floors, embellished by the loft that proudly displays the rich library, there is the party room. The ceiling is dominated by the dense sequence of original beams, with the majestic Venini chandelier from the 1950s in the centre; and finally the bedrooms.



Each room speaks in details, using the same palette of colors but with always different results. The pastel colors of the place are in contrast with the liveliness of the furnishing; a warm and harmonious mix of vintage and design pieces. From the white walls, the windows look out onto the garden and the village. The landscape thus becomes the protagonist to be contemplated with relaxed simplicity.

This is Borgo Nonino, a place where art, nature and tradition interact and which vibrates and lives the beauty of the territory.