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What to do

The Territory

Discover the 100% artisanal distillation with a guided tour of the Nonino Distilleries, immerse yourselves in reading or taste a distillate sitting in front of the Friulian fireplace. Get yourselves lost in the historic farmhouse and discover its precious folk details, an expression of Friulian culture and tradition. Admire the precious collection Nonino ÙE® Grape Distillate Cru Monovitigno® Picolit, stored in vintage bottles handmade by Venini, Baccarat and Riedel.

Walk in Benito Nonino’s wood, representing the forest heritage of Friuli, rich in essences, trees and plants characteristic of these places.

But Borgo Nonino is also an out-of-town excursion to discover unique places between history and nature.


Traditions & Tastes

Immerse yourselves in the authentic and folkloristic beauty of the Friulian countryside, discovering the traditions and tastes of the place (ask us, we will recommend excellent restaurants and taverns where you can live and experience the real Friulian cuisine). In San Daniele taste the goodness of its world-famous ham.


Alpe Adria Cycle-Route

Borgo Nonino is along the course of the Alpe Adria cycle-route, the cycle route that, in about week by bicycle, joins Salzburg to Grado, in a course rich of artistic, naturalistic and gourmet beauties. Leave from Borgo Nonino and get to Grado, a wonderful one-day adventure.



Get lost in Aquileia, the important secular town of the Roman Empire and go through its archeological area and its early Christian mosaics, acknowledged as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take a break to have a snack in the famous Mosaico confectioner’s; the stop becomes compulsory on winter Sundays, during the whole afternoon they make hot doughnuts!



Stop in Grado, the island of the Sun and admire the sea with a walk on the dam or rediscover the beauty of the island’s culture and traditions getting lost in the historical center with its Venetian charm, the old town. Look for ancient flavors in typical local dishes such as Boreto alla Graisana or sepe sofogae or sardines.



Walk in Trieste, the capital of the region and the “Little Vienna on the Sea”, but also the city of coffee. Enter the historic premises, once frequented by Umberto Saba, Italo Svevo and James Joyce. Enjoy the beauty of Piazza Unità, overlooking the sea and one of the most beautiful and evocative squares in Italy.



Visit Udine, the Historical Capital of Friuli and the City of Tiepolo, which develops around a hill, according to legend built by Attila himself, overlooked by the iconic castle. Udine is a small town with an important artistic heritage to be discovered walking through its characteristic streets.



Go north, along the landscape that passes from gentle hills to high mountains and discover Carnia.
Ideal destination for adventure lovers: trekking, canyoning, horse riding and extreme sports are among the many possible activities in this enchanted place.



Discover the beauty of Palmanova, the Star shaped City known for its nine-pointed polygonal fortress built in 1593 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Admire the historical Piazza Grande with an aperitif at the Antica Caffetteria Torinese, which has been awarded as one of the best bars in Italy.



Explore the Collio, a famous production area for fine wines with a protected designation of origin. The Collio is a succession of hills and small villages, where you can visit wineries, taste the specialties offered by small local shops and the characteristic cuisine of Gorizia.



Walk along the Karst, an area with an important natural heritage, rich in caves, sinkholes, rivers and streams all to be discovered. Its past, which saw it the scene of violent battles during the First World War, makes it a fundamental stop to learn about the history of the territory and its people.